Monday, September 19, 2011

Too Cynical?

No new posts in a year? Have we all become too cynical to post?

"Why bother? No one will read it anyway."

Well Eyeore, someone might stumble over here and might be too tired to click away and might actually read something so I'll post something new anyway.

BTW, I miss you all, my cynical friends. I've met a new cynic at my new job. He's hilarious. No one else seems to get him and he's worked at this company for 7 years. Lonely little cynic. The nice thing is....he's not only a cynic, but a cynic who is quick to say "WTF?" so he's also a bullshit detector. I might eventually invite him to the blog but I suspect he'd say, "Post on a blog? Why bother? No one will read it. And if they do, what do I care if they do read what I wrote?"