Friday, July 31, 2009

Steroid hunt - ignorance is bliss?

I don't know if I'm disappointed in the news that David Ortiz tested positive for PEDs in 2003 or if I'm po'd at the source of the leak- the New York Times. Let me have my ignorance - I don't want to know anymore about this. I was OK with the way the Sox were/n't playing these days, and I don't want to feel less love for Ortiz. Why did the media do this to me? Why did I let them do this to me?

ON THE OTHER HAND...if the New York Times and the Associated Press are going to expose players in the way they have, busting Rodriguez, Bonds, Manny, and Sosa one at a time, they had better not stop there. They had better give me the names of the others on that 100 name list of theirs. I want them all! Let's exploit them all!! Let's put them on Dr Phil so they can talk it out and get to the raw nerves - really dig to the heart of the steroid scandal. Maybe then we could focus on the game again.

Friday, July 24, 2009

you say tomato, i say potahto

So, I'm starting to think that it's not that I'm cynical but that I'm apathetic. Are the two mutally exclusive or mutally inclusive? You decide because I don't care.

Why all the fuss about Pres. Obama and his poorly thought out involvement in the recent Gates-gate? I would've said "RacistCopvsAngryBlack-gate" but "Gates-gate" has a funny ring to it. So, I decided to sit on the sidelines for this one. Why you ask? Or don't ask. I don't care. Well, in roughly 3.5 years we'll have a new chucklehead in the Oval office and Gates-gate will have blown over. The party of the first part will insist he was right and the party on the right will insist he/they were right and... yawwwwwwwwwwn. I'll just go and take a nap. You tell me what I missed, ok? You tell me how this is different then Bush coming to the defense of his oil friends. Wake me when it's over.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nothing's shocking...

French tourists seen as world's worst: survey

Thu Jul 9, 6:06 am ET
PARIS (Reuters Life!) – French tourists are the worst in the world, coming across as bad at foreign languages, tight-fisted and arrogant, according to a survey of 4,500 hotel owners across the world.
They finish in last place in the survey carried out for internet travel agency Expedia by polling company TNS Infratest, which said French holidaymakers don't speak local languages and are seen as impolite.
"It's mainly the fact that they speak little or no English when they're abroad, and they don't speak much of the local language," Expedia Marketing Director Timothee de Roux told radio station France Info.
"The French don't go abroad very much. We're lucky enough to have a country which is magnificent in terms of its landscape and culture," he said, adding that 90 per cent of French people did their traveling at home.
"So when they're on holiday they can be a bit stressed, they're not used to things, and this can lead them to be demanding in a way which could be seen as a certain arrogance."
French tourists are also accused of generally spending less than other nationalities when abroad.
De Roux said the French, not accustomed to leaving large tips at home where a service charge is automatically levied on restaurant bills, can seem "tight-fisted" compared with other nationalities.
The Japanese ranked top of the Best Tourist survey, with the British and the Germans judged the best of the Europeans.
But French tourists received some consolation for their poor performance, finishing third after the Italians and British for dress sense while on holiday.
(Reporting by Joseph Tandy; editing by James Mackenzie)

Say no more.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simon F'n Cowell

Every day, the media gives us all the bad news...the worsening global economy, more layoffs and more unemployment claims, home foreclosures, threats of war from North Korea, JBS Swift Beef Company's huge meat recall, the death of New Zealand palentologist Joan Wiffen...and the list goes on and on. America is closing down shopping malls, car manufacturing plants, banks, and restaurants because people aren't spending money like they used to.

And yet, Simon F'ing Cowell has been offered 144 MILLION DOLLARS to continue his role as judge on American F'ing Idol.

Are you KIDDING ME? 144 million dollars to say "you are absolutely horrible" 2000 times. Come on!

Now, I am not a fan of American Idol. As much as it showcases talented singers, it's run by big corporations who don't give a fig about music or talent. They own the world at large and brainwash the millions of consumers (aka fans) who watch the show. Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson are all drugged and fed their lines by Simon F'n Cowell. They can't think original thoughts. They just read teleprompters. I can't even go for the pre-season show featuring the William Hungs of the world. This is Star Search on Steroids! American Idol is the DEVIL, Bobby Boucher!

(note: somehow, selections from "Hung for the Holidays" have been downloaded into my iTunes. I blame Bob).

I feel better now.