Sunday, May 31, 2009

the last taboo

OK, so let me come out of the last closet here. The very last closeted and hated minority. I am an Atheist. This disqualifies me from ever becoming president, unlike being black or a woman. It is not a closet that I come out of lightly. I spent 8 years in Catholic school with real penguin nuns who smacked my knuckles with a ruler. Well actually they had Richard Armour, the biggest kid in the class do the duty as they supervised, I guess to have "plausible deniability". They were STILL responsible. Anyway after a bunch of years as an agnostic, I've made the plunge. Now I must admit that god talks to me more than most people. When I'm baking cookies and one falls on the floor, that is the creator of the universe telling me to eat a cookie. Otherwise, the messages are less specific and this is because they are not coming in. And they are not coming in because no one is sending them. There is no god. Nobody really gives a shit about your life except for your mom, and she might only care because of how it reflects on her. Create your own identity and meaning, read some Sartre. Be good to people. Do not judge (no one wakes up at 12 years and says "Crack whore! that's the life for me!"). Near as I can tell, most people are doing the best they can with the resources (financial, emotional, etc.) that they have. This includes your parents. So forgive them as you do yourself, there is no permanent record. The only person that gives a shit about you is you. Make it worthwhile!

Wow! I can blog too!

Just Checking to see that this works. Check out the Pelican Inn in Marin if you get a chance, Worth every penny!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just what the eff is going on?

So last night after I got home from the Outer Limits (it's a store, not a state of mind. Although, that's arguable, too), I went inside to hang out with my in-laws. Sometime between 8:30-10pm someone shot a hole in the back window of my new car. Barry, my awesome brother-in-law, discovered the damage and helped me clean up the glass. I called the Police and they filed a report.

Noone else's cars were damaged. Just mine. If I were paranoid, I would assume someone was out to get me. But as far as I know, I'm all good with the world. I began to wonder: just was IS it with me and cars? In 2007, my car was parked in the same spot and got smushed by a giant oak tree. Quite naturally, I had just paid it off the month before. Sigh. This is less catastrophic, but still just as annoying.

If karma is a real thing, hopefully it will catch up with those utter bastards and smother them in their sleep. Okay, maybe a bit harsh. But hey, I'm totally pissed.